lascuola The school

Italian like in the best Italian schools,  English like in the best international schools.

SCUOLA BUDDIES is the only school in Turin which offers its students the Italian ministerial curriculum held in English.

Our school enables students to reach a fluency level, almost equal to that of native English children, through the use of English as the main form of communication.

Children who grow up in a bilingual family environment, for example with one Italian italbandiera-bambiniiano and one English parent, have an undeniable advantage over their peers, as they acquire a perfect knowledge of the second language – English – in a natural way, without any effort and without detracting from the primary language of the place of residence, in this case Italian.

SCUOLA BUDDIES aims to provide children with the competitive advantage of the Italian-English bilingualism regardless of family context and origin: the command of English, written and oral, typical of an international school in English and the knowledge of the Italian language, written and oral, identical to that of their peers who attend elementary school in the Italian language. italiano inglese 2

Continuous monitoring of the learning progress of our students allows us to assure that the learning of the Italian language, as well as the curriculum provided by the Italian Education Department, is not impared in any way compared to their peers who attend schools with only native Italian teachers.

Many scientific studies also point out that early exposure to a multi-linguistic environment contributes very positively to cognitive development in general (

The knowledge attained by students at SCUOLA BUDDIES is decidedly higher than that of Italian peers (as demonstrated by the outstanding results during the annual   Cambridge exams Starters, Movers, Flyers and PET, respectively in 2nd , 3rd, 4th and 5th grade), who learn the foreign language only as a school subject and not simply as a natural means of communication.

If you wish to learn more about our school, SCUOLA BUDDIES can provide you with the Plan of Studies (POF – Piano dell’Offerta Formativa)