materiale-didattico  Learning Material

materiale didattico 2SCUOLA BUDDIES provides much of the teaching material needed for the lessons and proposed activities during the school year.bright stationery and books isolated on white

Each student must also have personal learning material, which they need to bring  to school at the beginning of the school year and maintain complete and in good condition until the end of the same year.

Our students receive a School Diary c the first day of school. This  Diary is the only official document for communication between School and Family.

Learning Material

1st Grade
materiale classe 1a
2nd Grade materiale classe 2a
3rd Grade
materiale classe 3a
4th Grade materiale classe 4a
5th Grade materiale classe 5a

During the school year you may be required to purchase new material, if it is necessary for an ever better result of school activities.