Kindergarten and Primary School taught in English

A familiar, fun and international atmosphere

A safe and open environment that always encourages our students to communicate with each other, share their ideas, and express themselves.

At Buddies Schools, we offer English-taught education program where English is the primary language for both teaching and general communication. Our students are immersed in an international environment and guided by mother-tongue teachers.

An early exposure to a foreign language is the best way to learn that language in the most natural manner. Buddies School allows each child to be immersed in an exciting context where the English language is not only learned as a didactic subject but also as the main tool for all communication interaction with peers and teachers.

At Buddies Schools, we believe in creating a family-like and international environment for our students to grow and strive in, where learning comes in a playful, stimulating and rewarding manner, where socialization and lateral thinking are promoted and the personal expression and creativity actively encouraged.